After reading this article you will TLS 1.2 For Windows Version of QuickBooks and Various basic requirements for running QuickBooks Desktop such as Operating System, .NET Framework and Internet Explorer.

If you don’t know new security protocol and system compatibility then this is the article which will tell you everything About TLS 1.2 For Windows Version of QuickBooks. We will also be providing information about how this protocol affects your system requirement regarding QuickBooks Desktop.

TLS 1.2 ( Transport Security Layer)

A TLS is a type of cryptographic protocol which provides the user a end to end security over the internet. This protocol is mostly used in online transactions and communication. This keeps all your personal data secure from infiltrators. 

This particular protocol is rapidly becoming a security standard for various industries. This protocol has been made compulsory as it provides greater security as well as better stability.

There are multiple intuit services that require certain system requirements which are meant to be matched in order to use services like-

  • All online services like- Online Banking, Payroll & payments.
  • Activation of QuickBooks Desktop on any new desktop.
  • Password Reset Tool For QuickBooks.
  • Any service that requires credentials of your account.
  • My apps
  • Secure webmail
  • Contributed reports
  • IDP (Intuit Data Protect)
  • Help pages
  • Ordering your supplies and checks.

In case you don’t know what system requirements you need to run TLS 1.2 on your system . Download TLS Readiness tool to update your computer and make it ready for TLS 1.2 For Windows Version of QuickBooks

Download TLS Readiness Tool

NOTE: Before making any changes make sure that only the latest version of QuickBooks is being used.

OS Requirement

As an operating system, you must have Windows 7 and above including-

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016

In case you want to upgrade your system Visit Microsoft windows web store.

Internet Explorer Required

It is possible that you prefer any other browser else that Internet Explorer for your Internet usage but QuickBooks uses some of the features that only Internet Explorer provides. Internet Explorer is a by default browser for your QuickBooks Desktop. Make sure that Internet Explorer 111 is installed for best results, always keep internet explorer updated.

  • Close QuickBooks Application
  • Download Internet Explorer 11
  • Open QuickBooks again.

.NET Framework by Microsoft

The minimum requirement for the NET framework is- Microsoft NET Framework 4.5.2.

In case you don’t have required version update it immediately.

  • Download NET required version- Microsoft.
  • Save the setup file on the desktop.
  • Apply double click on your  Setup exe.
  • Keep following the prompts.
  • Reboot Computer, when installed, is completed.

Policy for Internet Explorer Group

In case it is prompted by an error then you must Contact QuickBooks Technical Support to enable TLS 1.2 on your system.

  • For more information regarding TLS 1.2 read the article by Microsoft-

Microsoft TLS 1.2

  • You may need an IT professional to help you.

Elevation of Privileges

In case any error prompts an error message. You must run QuickBooks with an elevated privilege. This has to be done in order to establish a correct internet connection.

  • Close application for QuickBooks.
  • Apply right click on QuickBooks Icon.
  • Choose “ Run as administrator.

This would be enough for you to know about TLS 1.2 For Windows Version of QuickBooks. In order to know more get in touch.

QuickBooks Support team on 1-800-416-8574