How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code6150

QuickBooks is one of the most preferred financial software available in the market but yet it may face some bugs and issues that can be fixed using recommended troubleshoots or by simply calling our QuickBooks Technical Support and getting your problem fixed.

Here in this particular article, we will discuss a well-known Error for QuickBooks which is QuickBooks   Error Code: 6150.

This error was reported to our Customer support and most of the users declared that they were facing this error during-

  • While creating a new company file.
  • Opening their existing company file.
  • While working on the company file.

This particular statement clarifies that this error mainly targets your company file and you won’t be able to use the company file feature until this error gets fixed. Only use the recommended methods to get your error fixed without causing any kind of data damage. 

The dialog box that can be seen during this error-

Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6150

As this error mess up with your company file it can also cause critical data damage. This type of data damage can not be recovered using Intuit Data recovery. Contact QuickBooks Technical Support before data damage spread and reach a critical level. 

Here are some troubleshoots that you can try for self-help:-

Solution 1- Checking Data for CryptoWall Malware

What is CryptoWall?

  • A crypto wall is a virus that damages your data and can bring up errors in QuickBooks. Cryptowall usually infects computers that are connected to the internet or do a lot of data sharing. This error code can deal with critical data damage to your company file and also blocks your company file from executing.

If you want to confirm that your QuickBooks is infected with CryptoWall:-

  • Close every open application on your computer.
  • Now open File Explorer on your windows.
  • When you are inside File Explorer you need to look for your QuickBooks Mainframe folder which is usually created in C//: Drive of a computer.
  • Once you have found the folder that consists of your QuickBooks Data go trough the complete folder and look for a file that has “decrypt” or “instructions” in their name. Usually, it’s in a “.html” or “.txt” format.

Solution 2- Restoring your backup for the company file in QuickBooks

This may fix the error if only your company file is damaged. For this method, you need a backup that was made recently as you are going to lose the data that was between the last backup and time when the error was encountered. Call QuickBooks Technical Support to contact QuickBooks Data Recovery Team.

Simply restore your backup file in QuickBooks and restart your computer. Open QuickBooks and see if you are still experiencing QuickBooks Error Code: 6150. It is important to Backup your data regularly as might prevent data loss in situations like this. 

Solution 3- QuickBooks Data Recovery Team

If you have already tried the recommended solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6150 and still you experience the error then call QuickBooks Technical Support to get connected with the QuickBooks Data Recovery team which will recover all your damaged data and also the company file data that gets damaged due to the error code. Our data recovery team has a specially authorised tool for certified ProAdvisors who will make sure that every issue related to error is fixed and all data that was damaged gets recovered. 

Make sure that the damage caused was not to any third-party software that you are using on your computer. QuickBooks is not responsible for any harm caused to software due to any third-party provider. Contact our customer support for getting consulted in these type of situatuins.

QuickBooks Support team on 1-800-416-8574