While using QuickBooks on your computer like usual you notice that QuickBooks crashes and then a pop-up message appears and displays “COM ERROR”. Most of the users that have reported this error to our QuickBooks Technical support have claimed that this error was encountered while they were opening their invoices or either mailing. The other function where this error can crash QuickBooks is while opening “Transactions and Report”. To Fix QuickBooks Com Error is quite complex but not Impossible.

QuickBooks Crash: Com Error can be defined as a system failure due to incorrect command where it is directly related to Mailing functionality which is Outlook By default. This error keeps crashing your QuickBooks and does not let you work. The best way to get any error fixed properly is to contact QuickBooks Technical Support for maintenance and fixation of your copy of QuickBooks. You can also try some troubleshooting steps that might help you to fix the error.

QuickBooks Crash:Com Error


Fix QuickBooks Com Error

Here is some basic troubleshooting that is recommended by our QuickBooks ProAdvisor’s. DO NOT try to follow any fixation method that is not recommended for the safety of your software and for preventing a data damage. Call QuickBooks Data Recovery Team in case of DATA DAMAGE.

Note: This error might show up if you are using Outlook Update patch version 1805( Build-9330.2087). In this case, you must contact QuickBooks Technical Support for authenticating this patch to your QuickBooks.

Update Microsoft Outlook If any update is available for you which might fix the error.

Fix QuickBooks Com Error

Troubleshoot 1- Updating your Microsoft outlook to the latest update patch available

  • Open file menu in Microsoft outlook and select option for “Office Account”.
  • Click on “Update Options”.
  • Find and click on “Update Now”.
  • After the update process is finished reopen QuickBooks and see is its crashing.

Troubleshoot 2- Setting Microsoft outlook as default mailing app

  • Open the control panel for windows and then click on the option for Default Programs.
  • Click on the option for “Set your Default Program”.

  • Now you will be provided with a list of programs from which you have to find and select Microsoft outlook.
  • Now simply click on set this program as default.
  • Click ok on confirmation pop up.

Troubleshoot 3-  Adding a email to outlook.

  • Open file menu available on Microsoft outlook.
  • From the file menu select option “ Add Account Option For Start-up”.
  • Now you have to enter your Outlook Email ID and then proceed by clicking on Connect.
  • Next, you will be required to enter your authentication password for Microsoft Outlook account that you prefer to connect.Enter the secure passcode and press OK.
  • On the confirmation dialog box click ok. This will complete the email set-up process.

Note: If your QuickBooks is unable to detect the outlook ID try to restart your computer. Get your copy of QuickBooks Repaired by a ProAdvisor.

In some cases creating a new profile for windows might help. If the problem is persistent Call QuickBooks Technical Support. 

Troubleshoot 4-  Check for incorrect mail settings

  • Open the control panel for your Windows and from there select “MAIL”. Select “Microsoft outlook” from mails.
  • When you are inside Mail Set-up window find and click on “Show Profile Options”

Note-Ther 2 options will only be enabled if Microsoft Outlook is set as the default mail app.

  • Now see profile options if “Always use this profile” is selected. Is yes then choose prompt for a profile to be used. Click on Apply to save settings.
  • Move to the section where “Always Use this Profile” was selected and then click on apply again.
  • In confirmation pop up click ok.

Troubleshoot 5- Creating a new Outlook Profile for QuickBooks

  • Close every running process for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Open the control panel for your Windows and go to mail settings.
  • Once you get inside the mail setup window you need to click on the option for “Show Profile” and then find and click on “Add New”.
  • Write a suitable name for “Profile name” and click ok.
  • Keep following the directed prompts to complete profile setup and create a new outlook profile.
  • Find the dropdown where “Always use this profile” is written and select your newly created profile there. To save settings click on apply and then confirm by clicking on OK.

Troubleshoot 6- Repair for office and update for Window

  • Contact Microsoft for repairing your MS office.
  • Read Microsoft FAQ’s

*Intuit is not responsible for any harm caused to software due to third party providers. Contact QuickBooks Technical Support for a free consultation.

Some common Microsoft issue-

  • Errors in Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft office license not found

Troubleshoot 7- Compatibility mode for QuickBooks Financial Software

  • Find and apply right click on the “exe” icon for QuickBooks that will be on your Desktop.
  • Click on Properties from the dropdown.
  • Switch to the tab for compatibility and mark “Run this program in compatibility mode”.
  • From the dropdown select the preferred window.
  • Mark “Run this program as an administrator”.
  • To save setting click on apply and then confirm by OK.
Fix QuickBooks Com Error

Creating a new Admin User On Windows.

  • For this, you need to create a new user for windows allowing admin rights.
  • Log in to the window using the new user.
  • Try using QuickBooks Again.